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Which Islam Will Prevail in America?

Essential observations from Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online. This should be required reading for everyone. Introductory paragraphs are below: “The real battle for religious freedom lurks beneath the Ground Zero mosque controversy. It is sadly ironic that our public … Continue reading

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The Stupid Party in action

Increasingly, the choice between Republican and Democrat politicians at the federal level (at least as far as the long term fate of the republic) resembles one between Chinese water torture and having your limbs pulled off. Andrew McCarthy has a … Continue reading

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Islamism Resurgent: A Review of ‘The Grand Jihad’

One doesn’t want to devalue the word “essential” by using too often. However, if there is a book in recent memory that deserves being described by that word it’s The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, by … Continue reading

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