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Bring the troops home

A good, thought provoking piece, ‘Dissention in the Ranks,‘ by Tony Blankley. It’s time to institute the policy of not putting mass amounts of troops in harm’s way unless the United States is directly threatened. “Last November, with the Johnson … Continue reading

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Obama’s War: The Deadliest Month in the Deadliest Year

Excellent observations by Pamela Geller about the current fool’s errand in Afghanistan, on the same day Obama tries to attach himself to the relative success of the Iraq surge that Bush advocated and BHO opposed. “Eight years after the war … Continue reading

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What is it good for?

A couple of good pieces yesterday touching on the current folly in Afghanistan. First in The New Republic, Joshua Hammer’s Hard Lessons in Korengal is an excellent, brief overview of the problems facing the U.S. mission there. Key passage: “The … Continue reading

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Where ‘nice’ Obama has got us

Mark Steyn does it again. The best summary of the current Afghanistan situation I’ve read. Money quote: “The new President wished to reposition his nation by forswearing American power: he thought that made him the nice horse; everyone else looked … Continue reading

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Keepin’ it real with Michael Steele?

Holy cow, the Republican party has a dingbat as their chairman. There’s no need to list the numerous stupid things he’s said during his time in the office, but his latest babbling about something he knows nothing about is ludicrous … Continue reading

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