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Hawaii Five-0

To quote Libertas: “• Hawaii Five-O beat out The Event in the ratings, albeit only by a nose. Hooray hot Hawaiian chicks fighting terrorists on The Big Island! Boo pro-Obama/anti-CIA propaganda!”

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Obama and Dems given 88 percent of 2008 TV network contributions

Wow, this is a shock, right? According to Eric Alterman, there’s no liberal bias. Looks like the only group more in lockstep with the Democrats than the media is African-American voters. “Senior executives, on-air personalities, producers, reporters, editors, writers and … Continue reading

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Friday Night Lights’ season finale: Thanksgiving

Good summary at Entertainment Weekly by Ken Tucker of last night’s season finale of Friday Night Lights: “… this turned out to be the surprise Great Landry Episode: Jesse Plemons played terrific scenes breaking up with Jess, speaking bitterly to … Continue reading

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Pompous Twits Brought Low Dept.

Few things are more fun that seeing gasbags deflated, and there were a couple of prime examples this week. First from The Daily Caller, their purchase of the internet domain Tucker Carlson: “We decided why not become the definitive … Continue reading

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Last calzone for Big Stein

Unexpected, but not entirely surprising, is today’s passing of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. As one who was just 20 when Steinbrenner bought the Yankees (and who was 9 when they won their last World Series prior to his … Continue reading

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Friday Night Lights gets overdue Emmy nods

Finally. Even though it missed a deserved nomination for Best Drama Series, Friday Night Lights gets a bit of the recognition it deserves with Emmy nods for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Here’s how DirecTV helped it come about. From … Continue reading

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