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God and Woman at Harvard

Great interview at National Review Online: “Don’t tell Mary Anne Marks the Catholic Church is an oppressive, misogynistic disaster. She knows better. And she’s got a Harvard degree, too. Miss Marks, a native of Queens, N.Y., graduated from Harvard University … Continue reading

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He’s Not a Muslim! (Not that There’s Anything Wrong with That)

Far be it from me to know for certain whether President Barry Soetoro the former is a Muslim (as many in recent polls say they believe) or not, in spite of all his protestations to the contrary. (See Taqiyya.) However, … Continue reading

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The ‘Low’-Down on Robert Duvall

Good, insightful interview with Duvall in Christianity Today. He accurately takes to task stereotypical Hollywood attitudes towards Christians and average Americans while discussing his great movie The Apostle, as well as discussing his new film Get Low. “If Hollywood had … Continue reading

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Blame It On Caner

The Caner controversy and the way it continues to play out is endlessly fascinating. I had no idea that Calvinists and Arminians still rankled each other so much. (One would think that Bible believing Christians in a pluralistic society would … Continue reading

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Adam Raised a Caner

The back and forth about the Caner controversy continues. Norman Geisler has yet another unconvincing defense of Caner. It’s embarrassing to see a person of Geisler’s prominence in evangelical circles resorting to a hair-splitting Christian equivalent of Bill Clinton’s  “it … Continue reading

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Ergun Caner’s Muslim past, “evangelistically speaking.”

Back in the day, in a previous incarnation as a theology major at Oral Roberts University, the term “evangelistically speaking” was used to describe blatant exaggerations from the pulpit. For instance, if on a Saturday evening the preacher at a … Continue reading

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The Man Nobody Knows

While reading a biography of Maxwell Perkins today, I ran across the tidbit that Perkins had been offered the manuscript of The Man Nobody Knows by advertising executive Bruce Barton, but it was rejected by Scribners after presentation by Perkins. … Continue reading

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