Obama’s War: The Deadliest Month in the Deadliest Year

Excellent observations by Pamela Geller about the current fool’s errand in Afghanistan, on the same day Obama tries to attach himself to the relative success of the Iraq surge that Bush advocated and BHO opposed.

“Eight years after the war began, Obama’s first year in office, 2009, was the deadliest year for U.S. service members fighting in Afghanistan and the first time American casualties there exceeded the number in Iraq. Until now.

2010 has already become the deadliest year for U.S. troops in the nine-year-long war in Afghanistan.

Where is the media? Our finest young Americans are being slaughtered? Remember, during Operation Iraqi Freedom, there was the daily broadcast of US deaths — recounted ad nauseum. Now, all quiet on the left wing front.

What is Obama’s mission by objective? Partnering with the Taliban? Whatever it is, the result is the humiliation of the US military and maximum death.

Obama’s Afghanistan is a more effective US killing machine than the enemy. Bring the troops home. He’s killing them.”

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