Remembering Michael Been of The Call, 1950-2010

Sad news today about the passing of Michael Been, songwriter and lead vocalist of The Call. In the wake of the early 80s success of U2, The Call was one of a number of anthemic rock bands that followed, including Big Country, The Alarm, Red Rockers, and Simple Minds. It’s a tribute to The Call that their best songs don’t take a back seat to the best of any of those bands, including U2.

Here’s a remembrance by Jonathan Tully at PBPulse: “Depending on when you got to first hear them, unless you’re a fan, you’ve might’ve heard of any of five songs by The Call at some point during the ’80s — “The Walls Came Down”, “Everywhere I Go”, “I Still Believe”, “I Don’t Wanna” and “Let The Day Begin”. In each of them, and any time where the group was truly at its best, Been’s voice was front and center, deep, straight as an arrow.”

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