Blowhard fake Yankee drug user Clemens indicted

Mike Lupica discusses the result of Roger Clemens’ disseminating about his HGH use before Congress:

“It was some show that day, Clemens telling his story in his big Texas way, even reminding all those listening what a great American he is. He pointed his finger down the table at McNamee, making you worry sometimes he was going to scatter all the plastic water bottles lined up in front of him.

He said an abscess he got one time was from a bad B-12 injection McNamee had given him, even though you wanted to laugh out loud in Room 2154, Clemens falling back on B-12 shots, which have become a code for performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

Clemens was as likely to get an abscess from what is known as an aqueous solution as he was to get hit by lightning.”

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