Ground Zero mosque move to NY state land?

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Word tonight that plans are in the works for the people behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque and Islamic “cultural center” to be offered another location by Gov. Paterson on land owned by the state of New York. This report from CBS2 in New York makes it sound as if the developers of the mosque may be amenable to the plan.

While the news that the mosque may be moving from Ground Zero is welcome, there are still troubling aspects to this story. First, no state land should be offered to any religious group. Period. End of story. Unless the opportunity to purchase state property is similarly offered to other religious groups in extraordinary circumstances, this should not happen. (On the other hand, given New York’s fiscal state, there may be an untapped revenue stream for the state here.)

The state land solution also doesn’t deal with the problems around Faisal Abdul Rauf. For starters, his belief that the United States was the cause of 9/11 is reason enough to reject a development with any involvement by him. Why will he not condemn Hamas as a sponsor of terrorism? Additionally, what is the source of his funding for the mosque? Where is he going on his State Department sponsored junket? Will he be meeting with enemies of the United States while on his trip?

From the article: “Officials said the ground zero mosque controversy is just one of many attempts to prevent mosques from being built all over the country, and that it may have emboldened other protestors.

Protests have been held on Staten Island, and California, and Tennessee, Wisconsin, Alabama and Florida.”

The question of funding for any mosque is one that should be addressed in any community where Muslims wish to build. With widespread Saudi Arabian funding for the radical Wahabbi ideology to be spread in mosques throughout the world, this is a legitimate question that deserves to be answered before any mosque construction is approved anywhere.

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