Friday Night Lights’ season finale: Thanksgiving

Good summary at Entertainment Weekly by Ken Tucker of last night’s season finale of Friday Night Lights:

“… this turned out to be the surprise Great Landry Episode: Jesse Plemons played terrific scenes breaking up with Jess, speaking bitterly to Vince, squabbling with Matt, and struggling as the team’s place-kicker. In a more just world, Plemons would be a best-supporting-actor nominee.

As for the climactic Panthers-Lions showdown, I was happy it turned into a fairy tale win for the Lions. I know it strained credulity, I know it was all too obvious that Coach would let poor ol’ wounded Luke play at a key moment, and I know that Landry’s kick was well-neigh impossible for a kid of his abilities. Bottom line: the Lions and the show needed a rousing, enthusiastic ending, and it worked.

And so we come to the end of the season, with a fade-out on Matt’s face as he flies home to Chicago. Seeing that close-up of Zach Gilford gave me pause: If there’s one thing this hour didn’t do, it was to raise the stakes for new characters such as Vince or Jess or anyone else on the Lions team. But I’m sure the producers will remedy this as soon as the fifth season commences. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that when we speak of Friday Night Lights and its ratings-cursed, quality-blessed existence, all things come to those who wait.”

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