Pelosi’s Congress, So Lame

Excellent Kathryn Jean Lopez post with the same title at The Corner at National Review Online this morning about the current repugnant Congress, using a Resurgent Republic poll as a springboard.

Key quote from the referenced National Review editorial: “In November, the voters will make it known how they feel about the recent radical expansions in the scope and expense of American government, and they deserve to have their opinions taken into consideration when it comes to addressing the deficit. More important: They deserve to have someone to hold accountable if the taxers and spenders in Washington do not strike the right balance. Between now and November, Republicans should press Democratic office-seekers at every turn and work to extract the appropriate promises on this issue, even if that means making the lame-duck session an election issue in its own right. Even the lamest of congressmen should know better than to duck that obligation to the voters.”

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