Life after Carolina basketball: Coming and going

A couple of recent articles about UNC basketball icons that summon different emotions. First, from the Charlotte Observer, a piece about Michael Jordan easing into life in the Charlotte community after becoming the Bobcats’ primary owner. “I’m starting to understand my surroundings,” Jordan told me (Scott Fowler) in an interview Friday. “I’m moving around. I’m finding out where I like to go in Charlotte to eat and to relax. I want to be part of the community and to interact with the public.”

Next, from the Fayetteville Observer, a poignant article about the Carolina basketball family rallying around Dean Smith as the coach copes with a cruelty of his advancing age.

“There was no way for Dean Smith to dodge the limelight this time, nothing to shield him from a thunderstorm of admiration. As he walked toward midcourt on Feb. 13 – the true headliner of North Carolina basketball’s “Celebration of a Century” – the gratitude rained down in sheets…. But the moment so many inside the North Carolina program cherished also carried a note of awkwardness because of what they all understood about Smith’s health: People close to the coach say his famous memory is slipping. On some days he doesn’t recognize people he has known for years.”

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3 Responses to Life after Carolina basketball: Coming and going

  1. Jim says:

    I read both of these articles…both are very good. I attended the UNC 100-year event and it was certainly moving to see all those great Tarheels surround Dean Smith and pay him well-deserved tribute. It’s a shame to think that his great mind is failing him but it was certainly moving to read the comments of his former players.

  2. Jim says:

    Oops…I used the phrase “certainly moving” twice in consecutive sentences in my previous comment…thats what I get for watching TV and typing at the same time.

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