Islamism Resurgent: A Review of ‘The Grand Jihad’

One doesn’t want to devalue the word “essential” by using too often. However, if there is a book in recent memory that deserves being described by that word it’s The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, by Andrew C. McCarthy (Encounter, 455 pp., $27.95). David Pryce-Jones has a review (which is also a good synopsis) of the book on National Review Online.

From the review: Much more extraordinary, much more damaging, is the support given by the Left to Islamism. In McCarthy’s judgment, these partners may look improbable but actually they are two of a kind: “The essentials of their visions coalesce: They are totalitarian, collectivist, and antithetical to . . . individual liberty.” Elsewhere he rephrases this analysis: “With their collectivist philosophy, transnational outlook, totalitarian demands, and revolutionary designs, Islamists are natural allies of the radical Left. That doesn’t mean the alliance is naturally enduring,” but only that free-market capitalism and the liberty of the individual are enemies they have in common.

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