Yankees “Voice of God” is silent

Iconic Yankee announcer Bob Sheppard died today. He was 99 years old. He receives beautiful, well deserved tribute at the official New York Yankees website.

The remembrance reads in part: “The gentle, refined and pious man whose voice afforded the Yankees’ former home a dignified distinction for nearly five decades has passed away….His words, deliberately delivered and echoing, served as a baseball “On your mark.” Once Sheppard had spoken, the game could begin. He did for elocution what Loretta Young did for elegance, Benny Goodman did for swing, what Rogers and Astaire did for dance and what Mantle did for switch-hitting. Sheppard was from then, and he extended “then” so that it could be appreciated into the 21st century.”

The New York Times obituary is here, there are tributes from players and coaches at MLB.com, and a column from George Vescey in today’s NYT among the many tributes.

Reported in several of the articles: Derek Jeter will continue to have his at-bats announced by a recording of Bob Sheppard.

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