LeBron James Decision Post-Mortem

A shamelessly sentimental picture of LeBron with his son.

If there’s anything more over the top than the relentless hype leading up to LeBron James’ ESPN non-event, it’s the hysterical reaction to James’ decision to “take his talents to South Beach.” Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs has a post that deftly sums up the entire affair and aftermath. (With a not so deft title.)

From the Craggs piece: “In almost every way, LeBron did what fans always demand of their stars: that they elevate winning above all else, that they privilege the team above personal gain, that they be Not Just About The Money….The complaint isn’t about the fact of the salesmanship so much as its shabbiness. Con us better, in other words. Be slicker. Don’t be so obvious. Maintain the illusion. This is the real cause for despair. We’ve somehow arrived at the point where we evaluate our athletes chiefly according to the quality of their marketing.”

Read the entire post.

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