Blame It On Caner

The Caner controversy and the way it continues to play out is endlessly fascinating. I had no idea that Calvinists and Arminians still rankled each other so much. (One would think that Bible believing Christians in a pluralistic society would have developed a bit more tolerance for each other.) Wonder if Caner has an opinion on the late Dr. Falwell’s admiration for Calvinist theologian, the late Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer?

Phil Johnson in his blog, Pyromaniacs, has a good account of an earlier fabulist, her eventual fate, and compares it to the Caner situation. Key quote: “…Caner, Liberty, and the little cadre of Arminian bloggers who are determined no-matter-what to defend Caner have already lost all credibility with those who love truth. That loss will most likely be permanent. Sadly, it is another major loss for American-style Evangelicalism, which has already made itself a laughingstock for all the wrong reasons.” Here’s one more entry in the “determined no-matter-what” department, a testimony as a response to James White.

The aforementioned White continues to rebut with great specificity Norman Geisler’s increasingly desperate attempts to justify Caner’s exaggerations and embellishments. Geisler’s unconvincing excuses for Caner are worthy of an MSNBC commentator in their omissions and convolutions.

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